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Old Guy Just Can’t Believe How Much His Old Rolex Watch Is Worth…

A guy goes onto the TV show Antiques Roadshow with an old watch. He picked it up back in the 1960’s in Europe. He was stationed with the Armed Forces over in Germany and paid $120.35 for it. The make? Rolex. A brand new 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex, to be exact. Why? Well, his Sargent told him they were the best watches ever made.

He looked after it, wore it, then – in later life – stored it away. Then thought no more about it. Until the Antiques Roadshow came to town and he remembered the watch. He dug it out and got it valued.

He explained to the expert how the watch cost him a month’s salary back in the day. And figured now? The thing’d be worth about £1,500… How wrong he turned out to be!

The expert inspects it and tells him… It’s worth between $65-75,000!

Old Man Rolex

The guy had, fortunately enough, kept all the original paperwork that went with the watch. He had even kept his receipt! Not to mention the original box and bracelet and that adds a significant amount to the value.

Still, even without all that, it’s be worth a heck of a lot! Lucky guy, huh?!

Incredible. Just imagine stumbling across an old gem like this and finding out it was worth this much… Whoa. This is great.

Old Man Rolex

Watch the brilliant moment yourself:

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