This Great Dane’s Reaction To A ‘Terrifying’ Banana’s The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Meet The World’s Happiest Dog!

WARNING! Viewer discretion is advised. The following clip is deemed no suitable for younger or easily disturbed people. It contains scenes of horrifying fruits that many at home may be upset by…

Hope the Great Dane is, as you can no doubt imagine, a pretty big dog. She’s hefty. Great Danes generally are. Not many domestic creatures can measure up to her. So you’d imagine she’s pretty tough, right? Right. And, well, she kind of is. Most of the time, anyway…

Provided you don’t show her the scary form of a banana. Then Hope gets seriously spooked out. And we’ve got the proof of it right here. Poor Hope just can’t handle it when a banana – peeled or unpeeled gets into the house!

Great Dane and the Scary Banana (1)

She just doesn’t know what to do with herself!

Great Dane and the Scary Banana (1)

This is TERRIFYING, though. So be prepared!

What do you think?

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