A Kitten’s Curious About a Little Baby Deer in This Stupidly Cute Clip!

When a family awoke one morning and stepped out onto their porch, they saw that they had an unusual visitor. A sweet little fawn had found its way onto their front step and had a bit of a sit. The family decided to wait and see if its mother would come back for it for a few hours. If not, they were going to call their local animal rescue. But while they were waiting, their little pet kitten Miro decided to introduce herself to the baby deer. And the results are about as adorable as clips of kittens and newborn baby deers hanging around with each other can be!

Have a little watch and see what you think. It’s very sweet.


It turns out that the family and Miro didn’t have to wait long – the fawn’s mum came back just a few hours later. And we bet that little Miro was pretty upset!

What do you think?

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