Watch 40 People Slapping Each Other… Why? Ah, Why Not?!

Max Landis decided to get 40 people he knows – many of whom don’t know each other – into a room and get them to slap each other over and over again while he filmed. And they all turned him down, right? Nope! They were all keen (for some reason). And the results are pretty funny. Hey, look – we’re not condoning violence here. Not at all. There’s no malice in the face shots. Although a few of them look pretty painful! Have a look:


And yep – that is Haley Joel Osment, the kid from The Sixth Sense – well spotted! Watch him and the other 39 slappers and slappees go wild and throw hands in the full clip here:


Some of those were real stingers! OUCH.

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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