Dude Gets Hit In The Face By Pigeon That EXPLODES On Rollercoaster!

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Tarragon, Spain. The theme park and resort known as PortAventura. A fun day out and one of Spain’s biggest tourist attractions. They’ve got a whole area dedicated to Ferraris and the company Ferrari – cleverly called ‘Ferrari Land’. And inside that? Europe’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster, ‘Red Force’.

Two guys are going for a ride on the new 112mph ride. They’re clearly stoked and when it starts? They’re having a fun time of it. But things quickly get weird. It’s all been captured on video, so you can witness it all for yourself. But just keep your eyes on the man on the left…

He’s barely on the ride a few seconds when he gets a face full of bird! A pigeon flies into him at speed and smashes him right in the face! That’s one of the dangers of riding up that high in the sky.

Pigeon Explodes Mans Face Rollercoaster (1)

We regret to say that it’s not exactly clear if the pigeon survived the incident or not. RIP pigeon if so. If you’re still kicking it, pige… Good work. Stay safe. Avoid Red Force.

Pigeon Explodes Mans Face Rollercoaster (1)

Another reason to be scared of rollercoasters, right? As if you needed one. Anyway, this is funny… Enjoy!

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