Distraught Mom Just Wanted To Hold Her Baby One Last Time… But Then a MIRACLE Happened!

    They’d waited for it and tried for some time and when Brian and Karen Wollman found out that they were pregnant, they were overjoyed. They had two children already, but they’d always wanted three. Three children, they felt, would complete their family. But their euphoria and elation didn’t last all that long. Unfortunately, their new son was going to be born with Down’s Syndrome and Hydrops (causing massive swelling throughout the young kid’s body). Doctors expected him to be born stillborn.

    Karen had him at 35 weeks as a C-Section. When he was born, things weren’t looking good and doctors weren’t holding their breath. Karen just wanted to hold and rock him as he faded away. But then something quite incredible happened…

    He’s a little miracle, and no mistake. Here’s an update on how he’s doing from his momma:


    Wow! What a beautiful story and beautiful boy!