2 Women Seen Stealing On a Beach Don’t React Well To Being Caught!

On the 4th of July weekend, a Florida man headed down to the beach with his friends and family to enjoy the festivities and pick up a little sun. Suddenly he spotted two middle-aged women attempting to run off with his family’s beach stuff – we’re talking canopy, chairs, boards – even his kids’ toys! So, cameraphone in hand, he approaches them to see what’s up. At first, they give some pretty lame excuses about how they thought it was all theirs. But then the atmosphere sours…

See what happens in the video:


Shocking, isn’t it? Who would have thought two sweet-looking ol’ gals like that would do such a thing? Not good. The cameraman decided not to press charges. Still, the video’s getting plenty of views online by shocked viewers – so that’s their punishment!

What do you think?

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