Jacko Dancer Takes His Moves To The Streets and Makes Everyone’s Day!

If you love Michael Jackson and dancing ’til you drop, then we’ve got the video for you! The guy you’re about to meet hit the streets of New York City with a pair of headphones on, listening to Jacko and dancing. Simple. But the crowd actually appreciate it. We know- in NYC of all places! Things get even better once the dancing fella pulls out a pair of wireless headphones and hooks up members of the public with the tunes he’s hearing…

The man himself – with the moves of the King of Pop but the face of Prince Harry – Stuart Edge, says this about his dancing:

“I’ve always been a huge Michael Jackson fan. I decided to hit up the street of NYC and dance with my headphones in. I later found some wireless headphones that allowed me to have multiple people listening at once. I started passing them out while I was dancing so people could enter “my world”.

Watch him in all his Moonwalking glory here:


Cool moves, Stu. And the people in the video certainly seemed to have fun…

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Written by Boredom Bash

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