Solar Winds Might Cause HUGE Global Blackouts

These New NASA Photos Appear To Show ‘Mind-Blowing’ Evidence Of Alien Activity

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has some slightly worrying news for us all. The Sun is going a bit crazy – to use layman’s terms. Intense activity on the massive sphere of fiery gas has opened up what’s know as a ‘coronal hole‘ and solar winds are escaping into the vacuum of space. And guess what? Right, they’re heading our way…

In a statement, NASA says this: “The sun regularly releases a constant stream of magnetic solar material called the solar wind, along with occasional huge clouds of solar material called coronal mass ejections. This material interacts with Earth’s magnetic field, causing temporary changes. That temporary change to the magnetic field can create electric currents just under Earth’s surface.”

“Long, thin, metal structures near Earth’s surface – such as underground pipelines, railroads and power lines – can act as giant wires for these currents, causing electricity to flow long distances underground.”

Solar Flares
“This electric current can cause problems for all three structures,” NASA go on. “It’s especially difficult to manage in power systems, where controlling the amount of electric current is key for keeping the lights on. Under extreme conditions, geo-magnetically induced currents can cause temporary blackouts, which means that studying space weather is a crucial component for emergency management.”

The phenomena is real and frightening. Here’s more on it:

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