Don’t Watch This Terrifying Horror Short Before You Go To Sleep… Seriously!

No one likes a phone call in the middle of the night, do they? It’s not normally good news, after all. And so it transpires in this spine-chilling short horror film from director Drew Daywalt. Entitled ‘Bedfellows’, this scary video is a sucker punch right to the gut.

If you’re easily scared or of a nervous disposition, we wouldn’t recommend you watch this clip all the way through to the end. Especially if it’s night time and you’re considering switching the light off and going to bed!

Things begin innocently enough with a sleeping couple enjoying a good night’s sleep…


… But then the phone rings. Who is it? What do they want? And what will happen next?!

Daywalt Horror - Bedfellows

You won’t see it coming, that’s for sure!

We did warn you, didn’t we?!

Great – so now we’re scared of the dark, late night phone calls, sharing a bed… Even blankets now we think about it!

If you want to frighten someone you know stiff – send ’em this! Just don’t expect them to thank you for it.

What do you think?

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