This Hilarious ‘Saying No to Bouncers’ Prank Will Crack You Up!

It’s never fun when you get hassled by door staff at a bar or club, is it? You just want to get in, have a few drinks and a bit of a dance. And while a lot of bouncers are quite fair and nice and are just doing their jobs – you know a lot of them are just power-crazed thugs who like hassling people on a night out. And surely it’s time someone took them to task for it? Well, quite. That’s just what this guy decides in this hilarious prank video!

‘Saying No to Bouncers’ sees this scrawny Aussie hassling some bouncers as they go about their daily business: using public toilets, going into gyms, even heading in to a car park to pick up their rides. This is proper funny – it had us all cracking up here. Have a watch:

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