Keep Saying ‘No!’ To Bouncers With More Super-Funny Pranks!

This Hilarious ‘Saying No to Bouncers’ Prank Will Crack You Up!

You might well have seen a recent post of ours about a brilliant Australian prank involving bouncers. If you’ve not yet seen it, check it out here. Funny, eh? Well, there’s more where that came from. We love this idea. It’s simple but hilarious. A guy stop off-duty bouncers from going into places. We could watch him all day. Wait ’til you get to the bit where the prankster won’t let the bouncer into a car park until he tells him his starsign… That had us creasing up!

Have a watch:


We just hope our prank-loving Aussie friend doesn’t intend on getting into any clubs in that town in the near future… It aint happening!

What do you think?