Masseuse Or Pervert? This Guy’s Controversial Massage Technique Has Split The Internet

Say Hello To The Guy That’s High-Fiving The Whole Of New York City!

A New York based masseuse named Luo Dong has hit the news after videos of his controversial technique, which involves kneading women’s breasts, buttocks and genitals, became viral. Dong roams public parks in the Big Apple, offering massages, which he then films and uploads onto his YouTube channel.

Many have claimed that his “massages” are just a way for him to grope and fondle young women, while others argue that they are not sexual at all, and that focusing on these areas is a necessary part of any full body massage.

masseuse or pervert 1

As he massages the, often half naked, women, Dong talks about Qi, or material energy/vital life force. Dong claims that his massages help with the flow of Qi through the body, and that focusing on areas such as the chest and groin is a necessary part of that.

However, some disagree. One YouTube user wrote:

“…they banned him cause he didn’t understand that some of his ‘techniques’ are not orthodox and are or could be interpreted to be off limits. One of the subjects of one of his videos reported him because he inappropriately touched her in areas she did not consent to do. He comes off as a pervert and he is famous in NYC as the groping pervert chinese ‘masseuse’. This guy is a nut, a full blown kook. His ‘methods’ are really not even correct. He’s just some nut going around giving free gropes to whoever is naive enough to accept. Most of the people that receive the ‘massages’ leave grimacing, confused or perplexed.”

masseuse or pervert 2

If this is the case, how does Dong get away with it. Well, some have claimed it is because he appears non-threatening. Elderly, grey, mysterious, they claim that women are more likely to go along with it than if he was younger and taller.

masseuse or pervert 3

However, his supporters point towards the fact that he massages men in exactly the same manner. There are videos on his YouTube channel where he is employing the same techniques, and just as rigorously, on young men as well.

So, elderly pervert feeling people up, or genuine masseuse wanting to improve people’s well-being? You decide!

What do you think?

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