See The Power Of An Earthquake As It Hits A Swimming Pool In Kathmandu

The massive series of earthquakes that have hit the mountainous country of Nepal have been truly shocking. The first one is estimated to have killed almost 10,000 people and injured 20,000 more. The earthquake also caused massive amounts of damage across the country, with rock slides, avalanches and landslides being triggered up and down the land. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced by the earthquake as their homes were destroyed and their villages reduced to rubble.

Just as the shattered people of this battered land were starting to pick up the pieces, a second huge earthquake hit the country, this time killing over a hundred people and injuring a further two and a half thousand.

But what is it like to be caught up in an earthquake? In this remarkable video taken at the time of the second quake in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, you’ll see the immense power of an earthquake as it strikes a party gathered around a swimming pool. You’ll be stunned by its power:

Wow! The water in that pool is tossed around like it weighs nothing. Luckily, nobody at that party was hurt by the earthquake. Hopefully, the broken country of Nepal will suffer no more devastating earthquakes, and the country can begin the painful process of rebuilding and healing that will take many, many years. Good luck to them all.