‘What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?’ This Kid Has THE BEST Answer Ever!

What kind of answers would you usually expect to hear if you asked a little boy the question, ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’ Racing driver? Cowboy? Astronaut? Maybe if the kid’s smart (or more likely, has pushy parents!), he might even say ‘lawyer’ or ‘doctor’.

But not Jathan Muhar. He’s got an altogether more thought out and inspired answer to that very question.

Graduation Speech

He came out with the very funny response at his preschool graduation ceremony. Yeah, apparently those exist. Who knew?

Jathan Muthar

Here he is, the little scamp. You’ve got to admit that they all look very cute in their silky green gown and mortar boards, haven’t you? Check out Jathan’s ace speech here:

Classic, eh? Cool kid.

*throws mortar board into the air*

What do you think?

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