They Leave Trick Or Treat Candy Out, Saying ‘Be Considerate’ – See What People Did…

Insanely Creepy Halloween Display Shocks Ohio Locals; Receives Countless Complaints

Halloween‘s just been and gone. Did you get many Trick ‘r Treaters head your way? Maybe you were out on October 31st. If so, you might have left out some candy on the porch. A lot of people do. You just leave a little sign. ‘Please be considerate and only take one candy bar’, it might say. But how do you know that people will be sensible…?

To find out, one absent Halloween home decided to set up a surveillance camera to monitor how the candy was disseminated. And it sure makes for some interesting viewing! The family assumed that some young teens might snaffle it all up, but the main offender? Someone else entirely!

We all love candy, sure, but this takes the biscuit… Actually – scratch that – it takes the Hershey bar. Check out what went down:

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Martyn Ford

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