Freezing Homeless Child In New York Social Experiment

Homelessness is, unfortunately, a very common issue. So much so that it’s something that a lot of people face every day. Those of us lucky enough to not have to deal with it will see those that do almost every day. But what are we to do about it? Especially if that homeless person is… A child. Then what? What would you do? That’s what Youtube pranksters and filmmakers OckTV are asking here.

Would you do the right thing? See how others reacted when put to the test:

How cool is that homeless guy at the end, huh? What a dude. We’re glad to see the OckTV boys give him such a big reward for his caring nature – man, he deserves it!

Did you know?
A shocking recent report estimates that 2.5 million children every year will experience homelessness. That’s 1 in every 30.

What do you think?


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