When John Cena Congratulates This 7 Year-Old Cancer Survivor The Crowd Goes WILD!

John Cena Has Granted More Make-A-Wish Dreams Than Anyone Else!

John Cena‘s arguably the biggest star of the WWE. A man mountain, last week we saw him team up with former WCW legend Sting to take on Seth Rollins and The Big Show. But it was more about what happened after the match that really caught our eye. A wonderful moment where John Cena gave a big shout out to a very special girl indeed. A young lady named Kiara Grindrod…

Kiara’s as brave as they come. The 7 year-old’s just beaten cancer. And her friends and family couldn’t be more proud of her.

‘On behalf of Sting, myself and every person behind that screen, we sincerely want to thank you for being our guest tonight, for being an inspiration to not only us in the ring , but every single person outside the ring and around the world’, Cena said to the little girl.

Check it out:

Well done, Ciara!

And here are ten things you didn’t know about John Cena:

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