Firefighters Left Stunned When They Realize Who’s Crying For Help In Idaho House Fire

    Fire crews from Boise, Idaho rushed to the small neighboring city of Middleton recently to put out a blaze that had begun consuming a house. Firefighters arrived at the scene to battle the flames and soon heard shouts of ‘Help!’ and ‘Fire!’ coming from inside. So they entered the building in order to mount a rescue attempt. But not everything was as it seemed.

    ABC15 News take up the story:

    That’s right – there were no people inside – the cries were instead coming from two tropical parrots! The pair had been trained how to call for help in the event of emergency. True, it kind of backfired on this occasion, what with fire crews risking their lives by entering the blazing building – but thankfully no one was hurt.

    Parrot (2)

    The fire was kept to just one room by the brave parrot-saving fire crew, so damage was limited. The owners of the house are yet to be tracked down, though. So there could be an Idaho firefighter due to adopt a couple of loudmouth green birds sometime soon!

    Parrot (1)

    Weird, huh?