This Lady Turns An Old Bank Into Her Home. You Won’t Believe What It Looks Like Inside!

    When Cathy Calhoun discovered back in 1989 that The National Bank of Spring City in Spring City, PA was up for sale, she jumped at the chance of buying it. The building was very close to heart. Her first job had been as a teller at the bank, and although she went on to own a jewellery shop, she still had a great affinity for it. She paid just $52,000 for the vacant building, and set about turning it into a home to live in. This was no easy task; it took her all of 24 years!

    The building, which covers 5,200 square feet and was built in 1872, was in a relatively good condition when Cathy bought it. The challenge came not in repairing it, but in converting it from a bank to a home! It is now a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house with a special room in the basement. But, Cathy has kept a good deal of the original decor, including the amazing chandeliers.

    What the video doesn’t tell you, however, is that the local historical society claims that there is a secret room in the basement where the old bank’s note-printing press is located. It is said that when the bank was closed, builders concreted the room closed rather than removed the press. So, if Spring City ever experiences extreme inflation, we’ll know who to blame!