It’s a Miracle… Watch People Walking On Water!

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Ever seen someone walk on water? Well, unless you were about in Biblical times, it’s unlikely. But don’t worry – you’re about to. Okay, okay, so they cheat a little bit. It’s not technically the normal kind of liquid that comes out of your taps. This is a special type called a ‘Non-Newtonian fluid’, which basically means that it has a different viscosity from regular water (it’s thicker). The video below shows 8,000 litres of a weird fluid named after Dr. Seuss’ famous creation, Oobleck. But you could use toothpaste, custard, ketchup, paint, shampoo…

Have a watch. It’s quite something:


Weird, huh? Looks a lot of fun, though. If a little messy.

Like miracle scientific discoveries? This here might very well interest you, then…

What do you think?

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