This Guy’s Going Around the ‘Hood Asking ‘Who Wants Beef?’ – He’s CRAZY!

Big Daws is in the ‘hood. And he’s got beef. Literally. He’s got beef and he wants to know if anyone else wants beef. He’s spoiling for a fight, right? Everyone he approaches and shouts about ‘beef’ to certainly seems to think so. And who could blame them?

Big Daws must surely be out of his mind, am I right?


Don’t worry, though – this fella’s hasn’t lost his head. And nor is he just a really rubbish frozen food salesman. It’s all a prank (thankfully!). It takes some real cojones to do what Big Daws does here. Seriously!

You Want Beef

Actually, the more we think about it, he probably is a bit nuts, isn’t he? I mean – sure, it’s a practical joke – but would you walk around your ‘hood asking random men if they ‘want beef’? Yeah. Thought not! Check out Big Daws’ near-suicidal mission in full here…

WARNING: It’s as scary as it is funny!

Ah well, at least he got out of there alive. Which is good news for us – we look forward to seeing more of BD’s pranks soon!

What do you think?

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