Adorable 4 Year-Old Calls 911 To Ask Them To Help With His Math!

When the cute little kid in this clip struggles with his adding up and taking away, his mom always encourages him to seek help from someone. And he does just that here (except not from who he probably should!). The 4 year-old is struggling with a few sums and figures it’s a bit of an emergency. So he calls up 911 for the answer! But instead of being hung-up on, the operator is very helpful and clearly knows his mathematics…

Have a watch, it really is super cute:


We know prank calls to 911 aren’t good, but this little nipper didn’t know any better. And his ma handled it well. We’re just shocked how brilliantly the operator handled it. Share this lil’ rugrat’s stunt with your friends and family – send them this post today!

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