A Starving and Abused Dog Lies Down to Die on Porch, or Did She Know It Was Her Last Chance to Survive?

Dying of Starvation and Abuse. What Happened Next Was Truly Remarkable

You often hear people say, “dogs know,” and even some who love animals don’t quite believe it, or think, ‘know what?’. The fact is dogs are used to comfort the elderly, lead the blind, as companions to comfort people with depression, PTSD, and a host of other anxiety disorders, as well as for children with illnesses.

Dogs love unconditionally, and all they want in return is our love and affection, and food, and water, and not to be beaten or left out in freezing temperatures. They don’t ask for much, and yet many dogs suffer at the hands of their humans. It is something most of us will never understand. Why have the animal if you don’t want to take care of it? But that doesn’t stop the number of animal abuse cases every year, the number of dogs that die, or must be rescued, and thank goodness for the rescuers.

For Judy the Pit bull, she wasn’t found and saved, but rather found her savior. Starving and on death’s door, Judy managed to crawl up on a porch to die in peace. Or did she know something we didn’t? I believe that dogs have a sense humans don’t, and I have seen them recognize sadness or illness in a person and curl right up on them and stay there. They know when a person loves them or not. They often have a better judge of character than many people.

I dare you to watch this video and NOT fall in love with Judy!

The idea that a dog would be so close to death and just lie down to let it come is heartbreaking, as is the life Judy had that lead to those circumstances. Thankfully that is not what happened, as she was found by the home owner, and nursed back to health. This is a wonderful video that shares Judy’s story, and shows us the amazingly smart and talented dog, that may have died prematurely and never found the love of this owner.

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