Duke to the Rescue — Dog Saves Dying Baby!

Animals, and dogs in particular, have a sense and awareness many people still don’t understand or acknowledge. The Brousseau family of Connecticut (USA) adopted a dog named Duke six years ago, and he has certainly proven his value to the family. He saved their infant daughter. How could a dog save a baby?

As any parent knows, and even those of us who haven’t personally experienced having children, SIDs (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is a terrifying reality in which babies just stop breathing while they are asleep. This has happened regardless of health, size, weight, gender, etc. SIDs can strike any infant, and often with the parents asleep themselves, there is nothing they can do.

Lucky for the Brousseau’s, they have Duke. One night the they were awakened when Duke jumped up on their bed, shaking so uncontrollably he woke them immediately. Jenna Brousseau described Duke is “an insanely obedient dog” and he had never done anything like this before. They believed something must be very wrong. This prompted them to check on their nine-week old daughter, Harper. When they ran into her room she wasn’t breathing. They called an ambulance, and paramedics were able to revive baby Harper, before taking her to the hospital.

Dog really can be man’s best friend — man, women, infant…Duke is a real hero. Meet Duke and the Brousseau’s, and hear them tell their story in this video:

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