What an Uplifting Story – From Depression to Wowing the America’s Got Talent Judges!

20 year-old Anna Clendening was wracked with anguish, fear and anxiety. She could barely leave her bed when she woke up in the mornings. She was depressed. The only real light in her life was her love of music. So she picked up her guitar, fought through her misery and applied to appear on America’s Got Talent.

Through low self-esteem and panic attacks she picked herself up and made it to the audition. She was certain that she could do it. She knew she had the ability to really belt out her version of Leonard Cohen’s classic, ‘Hallelujah’. But what about in front of the judges? The crowd? The TV audience?!

Could she do it? Of course she could! This is spine-tinglingly beautiful. Have a look-see:

Amazing stuff. That’s pure bravery, isn’t it? Do you know someone who might be inspired by Anna’s story? Why not forward them this post…?

What do you think?

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