Astronaut Salutes Leonard Nimoy From Space


There was an outpouring of grief when the Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy passed away in February. Tributes came flooding in from fans, friends, colleagues and celebrity admirers. William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk on the show, said he loved Nimoy ‘like a brother’. Internet favourite George Takei called him an ‘extraordinarily talented man’ and a ‘very decent human being’. Even President Obama joined in, saying he loved Spock.

Who knew the President was a Star Trek fan?

One fan even went so far as to put up this amazing billboard. ‘He did’ refers to Spock’s famous catchphrase, ‘Live long and prosper’.


But perhaps the most fitting tributes came from the astronauts on board the International Space Station. Italian scientist Sam Cristoforetti gave the famous ‘Vulcan salute’ while wearing a Star Trek t-shirt. “Of all the souls I have encountered, his was the most human,” she tweeted.


Astronaut Sam Kelly posted a picture of Nimoy’s most famous character, saying the actor helped popularize space exploration for generations to come.


Astronaut Terry W. Virts chose not to say anything at all, instead sharing this image of a Vulcan salute with Nimoy’s home state of Massachusetts visible in the background.


Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. Goodbye and thanks for the memories, Mr. Nimoy.

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Martin Pistorius

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