Australia – Where Nightmares Become Reality!

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As anyone who has been there will tell you, Australia is a damn scary place! It’s inhabited by some of the scariest, deadliest, and downright craziest creatures on God’s earth! Residents, especially those in rural areas, have to deal with unforgivingly nasty critters on a regular basis. These are the sorts of beasts that those of us who live in safer climes only encounter in our nightmares!

And now we have photographic proof! The following gallery, if you can stomach it, will show you Australia’s wildlife in its scariest, maddest best. So sit back, relax (!) and enjoy the comfort of witnessing these creatures from the safety that comes with being on the other side of the world!

1. Yep, those are spiders. Big, scary spiders!

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2. Look, a spider and a snake having a fight!

australia 2

3. This python is eating a crocodile. Whole.

australia 3

4. And this one is eating a … well I can’t tell. But it’s huge.

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5. That’s a bat. Not a pterodactyl. Look at the size of it!

australia 5

6. Beetles. Thousands and thousands of beetles. Aaaargh!

australia 6

7. This is a tick. Doesn’t look very vicious, does it? Well, it can cause paralysis.

australia 7

8. I don’t even know what this is, but it’s just eaten a shark.

australia 8

9. Yeah, that’s a crocodile casually eating a shark.

australia 9

10. Hang on – that centipede just killed a snake?

australia 10

As the Aussies might say, STREWTH!!!

What do you think?

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