Wife Catches Her Husband Doing Something Embarrassing In The Bathtub… His Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

Singing To Baby

Guys are tough, aren’t they? They drink beer, shout loudly, have beards and arm wrestle. And that’s all men, isn’t it? There’s no time for emotions or sensitivity or any of that girly silliness… Well, obviously that’s a load of bull. And we’ve got the proof here. The be-bearded and boozy arm wrestlers are just putting on a show. The dad in this clip shows a softer side when he gets in the bath with his baby and sings a silly song. Not knowing his wife – and her camera – are about to burst in…


What do you think?

Disney Song

He Took To The Mic To Sing A Disney Song. But When He Opened His Mouth? WOW!

Chocolate and Milk

She Pours Condensed Milk Over Some Chocolate. Seconds Later, My Mouth Was Seriously Watering!