This Baby Cries When Watching Her Parents’ Wedding Video – Scarily Cute!

Here’s a cute video you’ll like. A little two year-old girl is watching videos with her mum. Her mum decides to show her her mum and dad’s wedding video. Specifically, their first dance. Aaaah… And the song? The rather slushy ‘Feels Like Home’ by Canadian singer Chantal Kreviazuk. It’s a touching moment. And the little ‘un agrees. In fact, she slowly starts crying.

It’s very sweet, have a watch:

Adorable, isn’t it? Now, let’s be nice and say that the little girl was crying because the video she was watching was so beautiful, shall we? There’s absolutely no need for us to suggest – even for a moment – that she might have been crying because that Chantal Kreviazuk song is so utterly, utterly terrible. None at all.

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