We Bet You Never Noticed THIS in Back To The Future!

We’ve all seen Back to the Future, haven’t we? Great Scott – it’s one of the best-loved films of the ’80s, after all! But one thing you might not have seen is one clever little detail in the movie. What are we talking about? A cool little easter egg that they snuck in…

Let’s go through it.

Back to the Future (6)

Doc Brown calls Marty and arranges a meet.

Back to the Future (1)

Where? None other than the Twin Pines Mall.

Back to the Future (4)

This mall is, of course, the location where Marty McFly skips back to 1955 from later in the film.

Back to the Future (5)

In the fifties, the location where Twin Pines Mall is to be situated, stands a ranch. The chap who owns it – Mr. Peabody – sees the time travelling DeLorean and mistakes it for, you got it, a UFO.

Back to the Future (2)

As Marty pegs it from Mr. Peabody’s ranch — so that he wouldn’t be shot by Mr. P — he just so happens to run over one of two pines that are near to where Peabody lives.

Back to the Future (3)

The ranch, you see, is named after those two very pines (for the avoidance of doubt, it’s call ‘Twin Pines Ranch’).

Back to the Future (1)

See? If you remember, Doc warns Marty about being careful with what he does. ‘The Butterfly Effect’ and all that…

Back to the Future (4)

Anything he does in 1955 can have serious consequences on the future.

Back to the Future (1)

But when he heads back to the future, to the mall, it’s now called Lone Pine Mall.

Back to the Future (5)

Uh oh.

Back to the Future (3)

Now, admit it – you never noticed that before, did you?!

What do you think?

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