This Guy Was Filmed Breaking the Law by a News Team… And He’s Not Happy About It!

A San Francisco news team, Kron4, decided to hang out at the world famous Golden Gate Bridge recently and observe just some of the crazy driving offences that drivers and bikers get up to in a given day. And, you won’t be surprised to hear, they had plenty to look at. It sure was a busy ol’ day for Stanley Roberts and his ‘People Behaving Badly’ team. But one bad driver really revved up Stanley’s engine…

A motorcyclist misses his turning and decides to make an illegal exit to make up for it. Despite his move being entirely against the law. Stanley and his crew were on hand to film the misdemeanour – something the biker saw. And the guy didn’t appreciate being filmed…

Check out his stupid reaction here:

What an idiot, huh? Some people… Honestly.

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