Amazing Bowling Trick Shot Compilation From The Sport’s Biggest Ever Legend!

Andy ‘The Greek’ Varipapa was known as ‘The Greatest One-Man Bowling Show on Earth’ for a reason. He’s considered by many to be ten pin bowling’s best ever player and one of the sport’s biggest legends. But while he was a champion for years and years, it was his almost unbelievable trick shots that he’s best remembered for. They’ve never been bettered. The clip we’ve got for you below comes from 1948 and really is brilliant. It’s made even more entertaining by the very funny – and very ’40s – voiceover.

If you’ve ever tried your luck on the lanes, you’ll know how insanely difficult every single thing Andy does here is!


Brilliant. You know the worst thing about this? It’s made us want to go bowling. And we won’t hit a single strike all day. 🙁

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