13 Year-Old Boy Breaks Free From Kidnapper Using Tricks Learned From Crime Movies!

Sichuan Province, China. A 13 year-old boy known only as Xiaoyi is kidnapped by a criminal with ransom on his mind. The boy is taken to an abandoned house after being snatched and bound with rope and tape. Things look bleak for the boy. But he’s a lot more resilient than you might imagine and hatches an amazing escape plan

The kidnapper, ‘Mr. He’ – as he’s being referred to by police, swiped the boy as he made his way to school and attempted to extort almost $20,000 worth of ransom from the child’s father.

Chinese kidnap
Where Xiaoyi was held.

But the plan went awry as the kidnapper did not take into account the resilience and smart thinking of the young boy who managed to wriggle free from his tape and rope prison and make good his escape.

Back home safe and well, he was asked how he got away and he put it all down to ‘gangster films’. The clever little scamp said he’d seen so many crime films where people escape their kidnappers, that he knew he could get out of the ropes and tape if he just kept on trying!

Chinese kidnap
The boy, bound and tied up.

The man was quickly found and arrested. The boy, though, is safe and well and a hero at school!

Chinese kidnap
‘Mr. He’ in police custody.

The kidnapper is awaiting his trial. But Chinese authorities are likely to come down hard on him.

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