He Was Teased For His Long Hair But The Reason For It Left His Bullies Ashamed

Is this kid a little boy? Or a little girl? Does it really matter? No. What really matters is that eight year old Christian McPhilamy from Melbourne, Florida chose to do something pretty amazing all in the name of charity. When he was just six years old, Christian saw a commercial for St Jude Children’s Research hospital, and, even at such a young age, was moved by hearing of the plights of other little boys and girls just like him.

Hair (1)
Christian’s long hair.

After his Mom, Deanna, told him about chemotherapy and its effects, Christian knew exactly what he could do to help. He decided to grow his gorgeous blonde hair out, so that it could be used to make wigs for those that had lost their hair through chemotherapy.

Hair (5)
Sectioning up the hair.

Whilst many wig hair donations come from girls, there are hardly any from boys, which makes what Christian did even more special. Unfortunately, Christian received a surprising amount of criticism for his good deed. Other kids, and even adults would call him a ‘girl’ and sometimes offer him money to cut it off.

Hair (4)
And off it comes!

They just couldn’t accept that a boy could have such lovely long hair, even when Christian told them the reasons behind it. Luckily, Christian rose above these mean comments and focussed on achieving his goal. After two years Christian was able to donate four ponytails to the charity.

Hair (3)
No hair but plenty of donations!

And here is that precious hair – bagged up and ready to be donated!

Hair (2)
Quality goods!

What an absolute star!