Boy Thinks His Mom’s Died; Knocks On Neighbor’s Door, Asks For Him And Sister To Be Looked After

A woman hears a knock at the door. She opens it and finds a little five year-old kid. It’s the boy from next door, Sal Cicalese. He’s upset and clutching his two year-old sister. He asked if she could look after them. “Why?” She asked, puzzled. “Mom died,” came the reply…

The neighbour who answered the door, Jessica Penoyer told ABC News the following: “He’s standing there and he’s holding something I thought it was a doll.”ย She thought maybe their dog was died. ‘No, my mom died in the shower. Can you take care of us?’

She then rang 911, saying: “My neighbour’s son just came to my house and said that his mom was dead in the shower…”

But mom hadn’t died. She had, though, had a very bad seizure and collapsed. She was in critical condition.

Proud mom Kaitlyn Cicalese also spoke to ABC News. She said: “He saved my life, because I was under the tap. I would have drowned. I turned on the shower, that’s all I remember. Every day is a challenge for us… He asks me now probably a billion times a day if I’m going to be okay.”

Sal Cicalese

“He’ll ask me now, ‘are you going to have another seizure?’. No, I’m okay, I’ll tell him. ‘Are you going to die today?’. No, I’m not going to die today…”

Salvatore was even made an honorary fireman because of his quick thinking. What a great little boy!

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