This Thing Isn’t Your Average Drone… Your Jaw Will Drop At 0:13!

Have you ever fancied owning and then flying your own quadcopter or drone? They’re pretty cool, we’re sure you’d admit. But when you look at the kind of prices that these things retail at, it’s understandable why you don’t already own one. But what if it was possible to put a super fast quadcopter together for just a few hundred dollars???

Youtuber ‘quadmovr’ has come up with an amazingly fast drone that will blow your mind! The guy who put it together is a master flyer as well as inventor, so don’t get tempted to think that the video is sped up or anything. Trust us, this is all real!

This is the quickest, most aggressive quad you’ve ever seen. If you or I tried to fly it like this, we’d probably end up smashing it into our own skulls. So watch and be impressed…

What do you think?


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