Nasty Woman Attacks Cat – But Just Wait For the Cat’s Reaction! PRICELESS.

Next door’s cat keeps sneaking into your yard and winding up your dog. Urgh – why doesn’t it just stay over in its own yard? Annoying little thing. What are you going to do? Shoo it away? Speak to your neighbours about it? Kick your foot at it until it goes, regardless of whether or not your kick it in the stomach? Well, probably not that last one, right? That would just be mean. Well, it’s a shame this Detroit woman opted for choice c). Only it doesn’t end well for her! This cat don’t take that kind of behaviour…

Check it out. It’s quite something. FELINE POWER!


What goes around comes around, eh? And so quickly too! Ah, we’ve got not sympathy for her here. Don’t be kicking animals!

What do you think?