Hilarious Dog Reactions to Cats Invading Their Beds

If you’ve got pets, you’ll recognise exactly what’s happening in the video we’ve got for you here… When cats and dogs live together, you’d imagine that Darwin’s theory of the ‘survival of the fittest’ would see the big ol’ dog triumph over the little pussycat, wouldn’t you? You’d be wrong, though. You see, it’s the wily old cat that wins. And this compilation video of cats stealing dog beds demonstrates. Have a watch, it’s very funny. Some of these dogs’ reactions will crack you up!

Even if you don’t have cats and dogs, this video will make you laugh. It reminds us of people nicking our sunbeds on holiday (don’t get us started on that…).


Have you seen similar scenes in your home?! Which kind of dog do you have – the sad little type that accepts his fate? Or the getting-indignant-and-trying-to-get-his-bed-back type?

What do you think?

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