What This Guy Does In Bed Makes His Girlfriend Go CRAZY!

Ladies! What would you do if you heard your boyfriend talking about another woman in his sleep? And what about if you recognised the name – it’s your sister’s! How would you react? Well, one way you could react is how the girl in the video we’ve got for you here does: go MENTAL! Only, the thing is – it turns out that she’s the victim of a prank. Her boyfriend was just joking with her. But no matter how much he admits that it was a prank – she won’t calm down. We’re betting that the joker wishes he’d never thought of the idea now!

You can check out Tall Creepy Handsome’s hilarious prank-gone-wrong here:


Ha! That serves him right, doesn’t it? Hell hath no fury like a woman pranked! If you’d like to watch one of Tall Creepy Handsome’s pranks that doesn’t backfire massively on him, check this one out…

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