Jaw-Dropper of a Video Shows What Happens When A Baseball Bat Flies Into the Crowd!

The Chicago White Sox are taking on the Cleveland Indians at home at the US Cellular Field ballpark in The Windy City. Infielder Tyler Flowers is facing the pitcher. The ball flies towards him and he goes for it – full swing! He loses his grip, though and doesn’t connect. No runs.

But hang on, there’s no bat either. He’s let go of it! It’s now hurtling through the air, spinning at an incredible rate towards the crowd… It hits the top of the dugout, adding further spin and making its final destination almost impossible to predict. It’s going into the spectators, but who knows who’s getting hit with it…

It looks like it’s going to be long-time Sox fan Eileen Depesa.

White Sox Fan

Luckily for Eileen and her party, she pulls off one of the greatest catches in the annals of sports history. One handed catch of a spinning baseball bat anyone? No? Well, the guy she was sat next to certainly didn’t back himself. And nor did anyone else!

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox

Cameras at the ball game caught the whole thing. Witness the mad scenes for yourself in full:

With skills like that, you can expect to see Depesa’s name on plenty of White Sox shirts next year when she inevitably signs up for them! Great work, Eileen!

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