Child Predator Abduction Experiment Shows The True Horror ‘Stranger Danger’

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Coby Persin is a YouTube filmmaker who has gone about dedicating the last couple of years to something important: stopping child predators. He makes social experiments and creates videos that are all about warning kids and parents about the dangers of pedophiles. He exposes their techniques of grooming and – using mocked-up situations – demonstrates just how effective they can be in the real world.

In this video, his most recent, he shows how it’s not just ‘dirty old men’ that can fit the profile of a child predator. Female pederasts may be rare by comparison, but they’re out there and ‘stranger danger’ should never be ignored just because the stranger is a woman, or young or even has other children with them.

The ‘pedophiles’ here come up with a wide range of excuses to try and persuade the children into getting into their cars with them. Just as in reality. And for their part, the parents are really testing their kids here. Will they take the bait? Or be smart and walk away…?

Seriously – the results of this could well shock you.

Child Predator Experiment

This really is quite horrifying footage. Now it goes without saying that all of these ‘predators’ are just actors and that – of course – no kids were put in harm’s way here, but it really proves how vulnerable children are to these awful people.

Child Predator Experiment

Watch the shocking video and spread the message…

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