Crazy Brit Inventor Turns a Regular Go Kart Into a Jet-Powered MONSTER!

If you’ve ever had a go on a go kart, you’ll know just how much fun they can be. Whizzing around a course with your buddies in a miniature car, hurtling around corners. It’s a cool way to kill time. But they’re pretty limited, those things. Regular karts don’t go all that fast. But they can. It takes a little bit of tinkering, but with the right know-how and engineering skills, you can get a go kart to drive pretty quick…

Just ask the mad British inventor Colin Furze. He’s pimped out a kart like a TOTAL BOSS. This thing is insane. It’s jet powered, ferchrissakes! It flies at over 60mph and looks like an absolute beast.

Just watch this baby go!