Angry Mom Puts Stop To Police Chase In The Most Incredible Way!

When A Truck Driver Stops A Reckless Car Driver, His Community Rewards Him In An Awesome Way

A twenty minute car chase between Dallas Police and a carjacker came to an end after the criminal rear-ended a family car and got taken DOWN by the angry mom who immediately exited her car – which had been hit – and dragged out the criminal, holding him down while police responded.

Ms. Leismann and her boyfriend Charles Cook had just picked up their thirteen year-old son TJ from school and were on their way to pick up their daughter when the accident occurred. And it was all captured on live TV.

“I jumped out the car and said, ‘What the hell is wrong with you, you’re in a school zone, what are you thinking?’ I was yelling all kinds of things that I may not remember… but I hope he does.”

After losing her four year-old son Jaylen to an epileptic seizure last year, Leismann says it was the thought of another one of her children dying that spurred her on to action.

Watch what happened:

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