Check Out ‘The Da Vinci of Dust’ and His Amazing Dirty Car Art!

Dirty and dusty car windows are annoying, aren’t they? You can’t see out of them and you’ve got to go wash them… A pain. Well, that’s how most of us think, but not Scott Wade. He’s an artist who’s been working with dirty windows as his canvas for some time now. So he sees the dusty Texas roads and the muck that they kick up onto car windows as a Godsend.

Scott’s come up with some brilliant work in his time. Here are some of his very best…

Him & Her – Picasso-y cartoon couple

Dirty Car Art (1)


Birth of Venus

Dirty Car Art (2)


Austin getting kinky

Dirty Car Art (3)



Dirty Car Art (4)


A Renoir

Dirty Car Art (5)


Tribute to Van Gogh and Da Vinci

Dirty Car Art (6)


Everyone’s favourite painting – dogs playing cards!

Dirty Car Art (7)


Young Einstein

Dirty Car Art (8)


John Ford’s Stagecoach with John Wayne

Dirty Car Art (9)


M.C Escher (‘Crazy Stairs’ as Stewie Griffin calls it…)

Dirty Car Art (10)


Killer whales

Dirty Car Art (11)


The Marx Brothers

Dirty Car Art (12)


The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

Dirty Car Art (13)


Hylas and the Nymphs

Dirty Car Art (14)


This was for a friend of Scott’s (Bob!)

Dirty Car Art (15)


Dusty Santa!

Dirty Car Art (16)

Source: Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art

How good are these? Kind of makes us wish our car were dirtier – we fancy giving it a go!

What do you think?

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