Your Childhood Cartoon Favourites As You’ve Never Seen Them Before… TERRIFYING!

Dan LuVisi wants to ruin your childhood. Well, we don’t know for certain that that’s his motivation, but that’s certainly what’s going on. Why? Well, Dan’s an Los Angeles-based ‘Digital Concept Artist’ (whatever one of those is) and he’s been spending his time recently coming up with messed up versions of your favourite cartoon characters from your youth.

Check them out. But be warned – you’ll never look at Mickey Mouse the same way again…

Here’s Bert and Ernie reimagined as – seemingly – Russian gangsters.

Bert and Ernie


The series is called ‘Popped Culture’. Here’s an Elmo-hating Cookie Monster:

Cookie Monster


And an absolutely petrifying Donald the Duck…

Donald Duck


“I was inspired by my childhood nostalgia, growing up on Disney and Nickelodeon cartoons”, LuVisi says. “But what my intentions were to do, was combine that love with the dark underbelly of Hollywood and how it corrupts some of its many actors and actresses.”

Here’s Finn and Jake:

Finn and Jake


And Homer Simpson as a Reservoir Dogs-style bank robber:

Homer Simpson


Kermit as Ryan Gosling’s ‘Driver’ character from Drive…



Lenny and Carl from The Simpsons.

Lenny and Carl


Here’s what Mickey Mouse would have looked like if Walt Disney drew him on a bad trip:

Mickey Mouse


Here’s Mike from Monsters Inc. as you’ve never seen him before.

Monsters Inc Mike


Grand Theft Otto.



AA Milne never imagined Tigger looking like this.



Here’s Wall-E gone wrong.



“I know, the characters I am painting are gross, scary and dark. But I am not a crazy person,” LuVisi reckons. “I have two lovely cats (okay, may be semi-crazy), and I like to think I’m an okay guy.”

This is ‘Goofy’:


Picture credit: Dan Luvisi

How about those, then? Will you ever look at your childhood the same again?! Why not ruin someone’s youth and share these cool pictures with them today?

What do you think?

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