Has This Extreme Prank Finally Taken Things Too Far?


When Italian pranksters DM Pranks prank, they do it properly. They’ve gone to extreme lengths here with this zombie infection scare prank! Flame throwers, zombie dogs, dozens of the undead attacking a car… Even a huge explosion! They’ve really gone to town with this latest stunt – it’s insane. But just think for a moment what it’d be like to get pranked to this kind of extreme degree. Could you handle it? We’re not sure we could.

See what you think:

Did you know?
While the idea of the living dead has existed in cultures acress the world for centuries, the first use of the term ‘zombie’ came in 1929, with William Seabrook’s classic horror novel, ‘The Magic Island’. The film went on to inspire the movie ‘White Zombie’ with Bela Lugosi, three years later. A film which saw the first undead type shuffling on screen!

What do you think?


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