6 Litre Dodge Pickup Vs. Tree… Who Will Win This EPIC Match Up?!

The Dodge SLT 4×4 Cummins 5.9L pick-up truck is a hefty piece. This bad boy packs a serious punch and no mistake. That’s why it comes as no surprise that when the owner of one needed to pull out a tree from his front yard, his first thought was to call on his Dodge.

The guy calls it ‘The Black Beast’ and it certainly lives up to its name. But trees are no pushovers. If they were, well, you’d just push them over when you wanted rid of them, wouldn’t you? But you can’t. To get rid of ‘Geoff the Tree’ (yep, he named it), he got his pickup on the case. Who wins this tug o’ war do you think? Place your bets now.

It’s so close…

What do you think?