This Dog Was Hiding Under A Bush After Getting Hurt. She Had A BIG Surprise For Her Rescuers

Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli of the Hope For Paws rescue foundation got a call from a concerned citizen about an injured, heavily pregnant dog hiding in the bushes of a Los Angeles suburb.

The dog, which they later named Iris, was badly injured and they knew they had to act fast. They were told the dog was very timid and only came out night. For several nights they hunted for her, rooting through the thick bushes until, one night, they found her. As this heartwarming footage shows, what happened next was amazing and adorable.

We’re so pleased Iris and her beautiful little puppies were saved by the kind people from Hope For Paws. Heaven only knows what would have happened had these Good Samritains not stepped in to save the day!

Did You Know?

Audrey and Eldad Hagar created Hope For Paws eight years ago to help bring an end to the suffering of injured and neglected animals. Thanks to them and the many rescuers they have inspired to rescue animals themselves, Hope For Paws and their friends have saved hundreds of animals from a life of misery, suffering and illness.

We can’t think of a better hobby!

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