McDonald’s Staff Throw Worker With Down’s Syndrome Huge Party For 32 Years Service!

This Girl With Down’s Syndrome Photobombed This Live Broadcast … But When He Notices, My Heart Melted!

Over 100 people packed into a McDonald’s restaurant in Needham, Massachusetts this week, to say goodbye to worker Freia David, who is retiring after 32 years of service. Freia, who has Down’s Syndrome, has been working at the fast food giant since 1984. But now after she decided to hang up her apron, her colleagues decided to throw her a lavish party to say farewell.

Colleagues spoke of how, before every shift, Freia would make a point of hugging all the staff to say hello.

“When she saw any kids in the lobby, she started making fries and would come out and say, ‘Hi sweetie’. She’s a lovely, lovely girl,” said Rony Sandoval, the restaurant’s manager.

Freia began working at the restaurant over thirty years ago through a scheme that placed adults with cognitive disabilities in work. However, her mother urged her to retire after she began forgetting things earlier this year.

As a leaving gift, Freia received a silver necklace with a fry-carton pendant, as well as a proclamation from the state House of Representatives. Of the party, Freia said, “It was nice, I’m really happy. I like all my friends here.”

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